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A data revolution is now underway. Businesses, governments and international organisations are starting to measure their 'success' beyond profit alone to include people's wellbeing and the health of the planet.

But many of the sustainability indicators in use at the corporate (corporate sustainability reporting), national (alternative GDP) and global levels (SDGs) have been developed in isolation from each other. As data becomes fragmented, it is increasingly difficult for decision makers to make long term choices with positive results for the bottom line as well as society and the environment.

Measure What Matters is a global initiative that aims to link local problems with global solutions. To do this, our mission is to bring greater alignment between corporate, national and global sustainability data frameworks.



E.g. Gross World Product; Financial Stability; Economic risk; Global trade; etc.


E.g. Gross Domestic Product; Unemployment; Debt; Exchange Rates; Domestic credit; etc.


E.g. Share price; Profit; Capital; Assets etc.



E.g. Ecosystem change; Marine systems; Forest systems; Dryland systems; etc.


E.g. Land use; Emissions; Nutrient Cycling; Air quality and climate; etc.


E.g. Materials, Energy, Biodiversity, Water, Emissions, Waste etc.

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