Measure What Matters: focus on forest Footprint

Due to the essential role of forests in our lives and our economies, companies and governments have begun to measure their impact on forests at local, national and global levels. For example, some global companies have made good progress in tracking the forest footprint of different commodities, while many governments are now tracking the results of their forest management schemes at a national level. But to what extent are these reporting systems aligned?

On the 20th November 2013 , Measure What Matters brought together leaders from business and policy at a Roundtable discussion in London to explore these issues in more detail.  Three questions underpinnned the discussions:

1. What is the current forest footprint disclosure landscape?
2. Where are there opportunities for greater coherence, collaboration and exchange between the private and public sector?
3. Where are the biggest challenges, and what does this mean for the Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals process?

Download the agenda and participants list.

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