Christopher West

Research Associate

Stockholm Environment Institute

Chris has a multidisciplinary background encompassing expertise in environmental science, ecology, mathematics and economics, and joined the Sustainable Consumption and Production group at the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) in 2011. Since joining SEI, he has developed a rich understanding of international sustainable development, global supply chain complexity and governance issues, and environmental and social impact indicators.

Recent work includes a programme to develop a model-driven methodology to link UK imports to overseas environmental (water, land and biodiversity) impacts for the UK Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). This project led to the creation of SEI’s Input-Output and Trade Analysis (IOTA) model which is currently being further developed towards use as an indicator for the UK government’s sustainable development, biodiversity, and green economy targets. Chris has also worked extensively on sustainability issues at small business level, and within the higher education system, as part of the 'NETpositive Initiative'. Chris has co-authored a number of reports for government, public sector and NGO clients related to policy development for sustainable consumption and production, resource efficiency, and environmental footprinting.

Chris manages SEI’s contribution to the ‘Measure What Matters’ project, and is joined by an inter-disciplinary team composed of researchers from SEI's York, Stockholm and Tallinn Centres.

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